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Just Ladies Fitness toning works using repetitive exercises for different muscle groups, gently toning and firming figures into shape and helping to trim away inches. 

Our top-of-the-line equipment enhances mobility and flexibility while improving blood and lymphatic circulation. In fact, in just six minutes on a ShapeMaster Toning Table, the muscles contract in excess of 100 times, so it’s no surprise muscles are toned and tightened quickly and effectively with regular use of the equipment. 

SHAPEMASTER TONING SYSTEMS is a world leader in the field of induced rhythmic movement exercise. The equipment is silently motorized to mechanically induce gentle, repetitive isokinetic motion. Each table focuses on a different group of muscles. All movements are provided equally on both sides of the body, balancing the common tendency to favor one side of the body (usually the writing hand side). The continuous, smooth, controlled movements gently tone and firm and improve localized blood and lymphatic circulation. The repetitive stretching movements progressively lengthen muscles, flex joints and rotate through a full range of motion. The rhythmic motion alleviates tension and generates a feeling of wellbeing.