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Q. How do I resolve a membership billing issue or submit a question?

A. Please email Customer Care.


Q. What is the latest date I can make changes on my account to have it go into effect on my next draft?

A. All changes from freezes to cancellations to updating drafting info need to be made at least seven days prior to your next draft.


Q. What day does automatic billing take place?

A. Just Ladies Fitness now bills every day of the month from the 1st through the 28th. If your billing date falls on a weekend or holiday, your payment will process on the next business day.


Q. How do I change the account that my membership is being billed to?

A. The account can be changed by visiting the store location where you purchased your membership and giving them the new information.


Q. I was charged for a month that I didn't tan. Can I be refunded that amount?

A. We do not offer refunds for services that are not used.

When you are on a monthly auto-draft (EFT) membership, you are responsible for paying your dues each month whether or not you choose to utilize the service.

If you paid for your membership up-front (PIF), you are paying for tanning through a specific expiration date. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the service you have paid for before it expires.



Customer Service

Q. Where do I direct any comments or complaints regarding an Just Ladies Fitness store employee?

A. Just email Customer Care, and we will deliver your message to the appropriate person for follow-up.


Q. I would like to talk to a decision-maker now; I do not want to leave a message.

A. The best way to contact them is to email us with your phone contact information, and we'll page them with your name and phone number. They are committed to returning your call within 24 business hours.


Q. I would love to work for Just Ladies Fitness. How do I see what positions are available and submit my application?

A. Please visit our website at, click on "Careers" at the top menu, and then follow the instructions listed.



Cancellation/Freezing Account

Q. How can I cancel my membership?

A. You may cancel the month-to-month portion of your membership at any time by visiting any Just Ladies Fitness superstore and filling out a cancellation form. Please note that the original term of your membership will not be canceled until you complete the required number of drafts.


Q. When will my membership end after I submit my cancellation request as stated above?

A. You must currently be on an active auto-draft (EFT) membership that is on month-to-month status, and you must not have a current balance due on your account. Account must be canceled seven days prior to your draft date, or it will draft again. Your membership will expire 30 days after the final draft.


Q. What about the 50% buy-out?

A. All current members do have the option to cancel their membership by paying a one-time cancellation fee equal to 50% of their remaining balance or $150, whichever is the greater amount. If you need to know what that amount would be, you can email Customer Care and they will give you the amount and the address to send it to.


Q. I have moved more than 25 miles from Just Ladies Fitness, how can I cancel?

A. If you have moved more than 25 miles from the closest Just Ladies Fitness and your account is current, you can cancel for a one-time fee of $75. You need to mail a copy of the current driver's license or state-issued photo ID and three additional proofs of move in the form of anything official that is mailed to you at that same address on the ID. Please send the documentation and the check or money order by certified mail to the corporate office of Just Ladies Fitness at:
1603 W. Memorial Road
Oklahoma City, OK 73134


Q. How do I cancel a membership I just bought?

A. Just Ladies Fitness does allow members to cancel within 24 hours from the date of purchase. You need to emailCustomer Care, or call 866-690-9080 and you will be provided with instructions as to how to do that.


Q. I live in Wichita or Tulsa and just bought a fitness membership with Just Ladies Fitness, how do I cancel it?

A. Our Just Ladies Fitness/Just Ladies Fitness clubs do follow the Health Spa Act and have a provision for a three-day cancellation policy. That policy is outlined on the back of your membership agreement. Your request needs to be mailed to the corporate office of Just Ladies Fitness at 1603 W. Memorial Rd, Oklahoma City, OK 73134 and needs to be postmarked no later than the third business day following the date of purchase.


Q. I cancelled my membership in advance of the cut off day for next month's billing, but I was still billed for the next month's membership fee.

A. We regret that this occurs unintentionally once in a rare while. Please contact the customer care center at 866-690-9080 or email Customer Care.


Q. What procedures do I need to follow to freeze my membership?

A. Members may freeze their EFT payments up to three months per year of their membership for a $10 fee. You need to visit your local store to fill out a Freeze Form and pay the fee. When you freeze your account, you do receive $10 in Bonus Bucks that you may use towards future purchases after you resume tanning.

You must freeze your account seven days prior to your draft date in order to stop the draft. Any Freeze Forms filled out after the 7 days will freeze the following month's payment.


Q. I just found out I am pregnant, do I have to keep making my payments?

A. Congratulations! Just Ladies Fitness does allow customers who are pregnant to freeze their time and payments until the baby is born. You need to go to your local store and fill out a Freeze Form as you would for a three-month freeze, and then you need to follow up with the corporate office, providing a note from your doctor confirming your pregnancy and stating what your due date is. We can then freeze your time until after the due date.